Monday, April 29, 2013

Gomineko Crew Sketchbook Vol. 1

Gomineko Crew Sketchbook Vol. 1 
featuring the artwork of:
Jay Cavna 
Clint Steele
Adam Hays
Owen Williams
Ali Manners
William Thidemann
San Rulz
Dan Sinnes
Guen Douglas
Matt Dunn
Steven Burlton

8.5" x 11" and over 100 pages of sketches & line drawings for $80




Saturday, April 20, 2013

Dude's Shirts $ stock so snatch em up quick! The have the Gomineko Crew Logo on the back, under the neck!

Horimasa Fudo Meow T-Shirt

Horishin Fujin T-Shirt

Horiken Raijin T-Shirt

Girlie T-Shirts are in! $25 a pop. Thanks for Supporting Gomineko Crew!

Horimasa Girlie T-Shirt

Horishin Girlie T-Shirt

Horiken Girlie T-Shirt

Gomineko Crew Hoodies are in! Stock is limited so snatch yours up quick!

Horimasa Fudo Meow Hoodie $50

Horimasa Fudo Meow Hoodie

Horiken Raijin Hoodie

Horiken Hoodie

Horishin Fujin Hoodie

Horishin Fujin Hoodie

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Iphone 5 and Galaxy S3 Cases designed by Horimasa!

Limited to 25 of each design, once they're gone, that's it!

Galaxy S3 Case

Iphone 5 Case